Take a bite of any J. Skinner Danish and you’ll immediately notice a world of difference. It’s a world populated by mouth-watering flavor, superb ingredients and traditional baking techniques. Unlike the products mass-produced by our competitors, each of our artisan-style danish is moist, exquisitely textured, and sublimely scrumptious. That’s because we know you can’t rush delicious. We put time, thought and care into every crumb.

From start to finish, it takes 36 hours to make a J. Skinner Danish. Our artisan dough is folded again and again into over 100 thin layers before it rests for up to a day at 34°F, allowing the flavors to blend and the yeast to rise perfectly. After its day of rest, we add a generous amount of creamy fillings or REAL fruit toppings before baking it to a golden brown. Indulgent icing is added and then it’s off for packing and shipping to a store near you! Sound too good to be true? Check out these reviews below! 

  • That's the perfect way to describe it...AWESOME !! I'm a 74 yr old son of German immigrants who operated a corner-store bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was raised on quality baked goods. My father never skimped, he insisted on using only quality ingredients. Since my childhood, I have always been on the alert to find bakery products that meet those same high standards. It has not been easy. Most are tasteless, cheaply made ...junk ! Having now had three of your "Awesome Almond Danish" rings, my quest has been fulfilled. They have that mouth-tasting feel that tells the consumer that he is enjoying something special. I don't normally write to companies about their products, however as I mentioned, I've spent many decades looking for that special something. Thanks to you, I've realized that indeed, you can go home again. Thank you.
    — Richard Pfaehler, Awesome Almond Danish
  • Dear Amazing Bakers, Thank you for the most astonishingly scrumptious cinnamon rolls on earth! I'm not kidding! I've seen them before and thought, oh, packaged rolls, yeah, right. But they looked so delicious and your heating directions and package notes seemed so clear and genuine. You do not disappoint! Those lovely rolls never made it to the oven or microwave; they're truly, honestly, genuinely, authentically THE BEST cinnamon rolls I've ever eaten. And trust me on this; I've sampled more than my share! So many layers of perfection! Thank you, thank you, thank you and please don't ever stop making or distributing this incredible treat.
    — Mary Fox, Cinnamon Craver's Rolls
  • I LOVE your product. After a long search to find a good cheese danish I found your product. It is carefully made, flaky, with real cheese and not too sweet or tart. You have named this product perfectly.
    — Leslie Deardorff, Heavenly Cheese Danish
  • Hello! I just wanted to let you all know that I recently "stumbled" upon your raspberry danish in the bakery section of my Acme, and I absolutely LOVE it! It beats any other store-bought danish by a mile, and is more affordable than its competitors! I can buy TWO at a time! Thanks for such a yummy product!
    — Leslie Feevish, Really Raspberry Danish